Sunday, 10 July 2011

Munnar, wow!

Haven't had the internet the past couple of days so I'll put up what I can now.  

On Friday night Rhaki (our co-ordinator) took us out to the Yacht Club for the most amazing dinner!!  It was a fantastic night, to start it off she had bought Daniel and I a dhoti or munde (?) which is basically a long piece of fabric which the men wrap around themselves like a skirt.  (I'm wearing mine now).  She is getting Rachel a Sairi, but as they have to be fitted, she brought Rachel down one of her own for the dinner.  She looked fabulous in it!  

I had a bit of an awkward moment in trying to get mine on properly..... Rhaki thought she would help.  Now, the best way to describe wearing this, is like wrapping yourself in a bath towel.  While helping Rhaki proceeded to take this off me.  I knew I was wearing underwear but wasn't over concerned until a very embarassing moment where I ended up flashing her!!!  I need say no more.  Let's just saw for the remainder of the night I was red faced.  

Nothing that happened though could put a dampner on this weekend.  We travelled up to Munnar which is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!

On our way up to this we stopped off at the river to wash the elephants which were getting bathed which was a great experience.  Rachel, being with elephants, had a fantastic time; it was like looking after a small child at Christmas!  Other stops on our journey also included stopping at rubber tree tap points, feeding the monkeys that conveniently  happened to be on the side of the road and taking a tour around a spice farm; learning about the different medicinal and food uses that they had.  I have to admit, I was a tad sceptical about the medicinal purposes, although apparently if I eat enough nutmeg it will have the same affect as a few whiskys! 

Munnar itself is a huge mountainous area with spectacular views!  It is covered in tea plantations set up mainly by the British.  The twisty winding roads caused the heartbeat to increase a bit though, as at times there was less than a foot between me and a sheer cliff face.  Like all beautiful scenes though, only the photos will do justice, and just about.  It was like travelling up to a sacred area in the heavens as you passed up through the clouds, looking at the smaller mountains below you, covered in tea plants like an green carpet!

We visted a beautiful damn there and many other viewpoints.  My only problem with it is that despite it being ruined by the locals setting up stalls, none of them had any panoramic posters of the views.  The only souveniers you could get where mass produced chinese 'Hello Kitties' ?!?!

We spent the night there last night in a beautiful homestay with spectacular views from the balcony, although they were ruined the fact that we were in a huge cloud and could barely see our own hands.  

This morning (Sunday), we travelled up to Kolukkumalai.  The highest tea plantation in the world.  It's impressive to think that we started at sea level, and today we were looking over India at 8000 feet!  The roads were absolute chaos though and even in a 4x4 it was a challenge.  The one going down in front of us broke it's main axle!!! 

Well, thats some of it.  Not all though, that would spoilt the fun.  We are back in the school tomorrow so I may put in an update then.  

All the best, 

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