Thursday, 14 July 2011

Finally found the hotel....and a strange green dancing man...

Last night Rachel and I were invited by Mary again to her hotel for a few drinks.  We were concerned as last week we attempted to get there and spent 2 hours in an auto/tuk tuk and ended up having to turn around and come home.  We seem to have a problem over here where every form of transport we take has a problem.  

We finally got there, and yes; the accelerator cable snapped on the bus, surprise surprise!

We met some other people who were from from the UK and the states.   These men were engineers etc over working for the Indian Navy and things like that.  Very nice indeed.  
 We went to another bar called the Drunken Coconut which had 4 Philippine girls there who didn't wear a lot of clothes and sang there hearts out.  It was a very good night and the drink was flowing.  Funnily enough one of the girls gave us her Facebook and email; all in the Irish charm. :) 

I have just come out of a session of traditional Kerelan dance; Kathakali.  Here's some info on this link: 
It was interesting at first but kinda long winded if I'm honest.  The make up was amazing and they spent the first hour lying on the stage applying it.  It all seemed very tribal, traditional and in a weird way spiritual.  The incense was lit and the beating of the drums and chimes nearly set you into a trance.  

This week there was a terrorist attack in Mumbai, but that's ages away.  There was also an outbreak of bird flu which unfortunately was closer.  It's not so good as it means we have to avoid 99% of the back water tours.  (This is something we decided, the local tour offices don't have much care for us) . 

We did find a tour office though that goes to a completely different area, it is one of 2 boats which take this route up through the villages.  So this weekend Rachel and I are hoping to travel on the houseboat in luxury.  This of course will mean that there will be no blog updates and no internet; probably a good thing.  

In the school things are going well.  The autistic kids that I am getting to excersise are coming round to me, although one is being exceptionally challenging and the teacher and I have come up with a 'discipline' method so that bit by bit he will begin to work with me.  I have also started taking 3 of the guys with Down's Syndrome out of the carpentry unit and we are sanding down the banisters of the stairs and will hopefully begin polishing next week.  

All in all life here is amazing.  I feel a real bond here with the culture, life and the people.  I know that sounds stupid, but it really is true.  

I shall head on here and get a bite to eat, so see ya!

Warren and Rachel

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