Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Jewtown...and the creepy shop...

So, last night we took an autorickshaw into Jewtown, yes, there is a town called Jewtown and it also has Jewcemetary, Jewstreet and Jewroad.  We found it very amusing.  The group consisted of the three of us from our homestay and then 4 other girls who are volunteering in the same school as Daniel.  

While walking around Jewtown we walked past shop after shop of 100% pashminas, friendly locals offering the best price possible (who conveniently also happened to have friends in Europe, e.g. Someone by the name of Ronan Keating?) and of course 100% pure silver....with a copper tinge..

There was one particular shop we found in between the clones though that will stick in my mind for a long time.  It was an export shop which can only be described as something from the start of an adventure movie where the 2 people walking round end up finding a genie, or more likely, getting cursed.  

The shop consisted of large wooden decorated elephants outside and large green statues of naked women with fangs which looked like they once had a lead role in the original 'Clash of the Titans'.  We decided to delve into the many curiosities which could only be found in a place like this.  There was also present:  A lifesize statue of Christ on the cross, several Gheshas(?elephant god?), tables with wooden limbs lying across them, ceremonal daggers and old cages with strange bones in them. 

As we walked down the the aisle surrounded by the spider web covered artefacts we began to hear crying from the back of the shop.  There is only one way to describe its effect:  It scared the shit out of us.....I can't emphasise enough how strange this room was, low lit, spider webs everywhere covering the curious antiques; and then crying from the back of the shop.  We quickly cut across the shop and out the entrance with an increased heartrate.  I have to say though, that shop is somewhere I will definitlley have to visit before I leave.

Today was another school day and I took a severely autistic child Gryndyl for an excersise session.  Apparently the teachers can't handle him and I wondered why.  When I met him I discovered a 15 year old boy with possibly the worst autism I've seen, who was the same hight as me; at least a foot taller than most teachers.  Too cut a long story short, things went smoothly and after a while he began to work with me in a way he apparently has never done before.  I'm putting this down to the fact I can't speak Malayalam, and he can't speak English, so we both communicated via grunts and taps.  

I then went back to the vocational unit, but the power went out (just as I was about to learn how to turn wood!), so we just had to supervise everyone until the end of class. 

Tonight we are going to the bar with some of the other volunteers so we should have a good night.  I'll try to get some photos up soon but I don't know if the computer is capable.  Ah well,

(I'll also see if Rachel wants to put up a bit from her)


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