Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Finally got it up!

So, what can I say?  India is fantastic!! 

I had been meaning to put stuff up here but didn't as the internet was down.  There is already so much to say but I won't right it all so here is a snippet.  

Having arrived here we were tired.  Tired out by lonely old english men, english racists, and a german tranny who claims to be from London.  Fed up, we were welcomed with open arms and told to get to bed as we were obviously tired from our 2 day journey. (In case you are looking, I think there is a video of me on youtube doing the 'Turkey Dance' in Muscat  airport.  While trying not to sleep, I noticed some burkha wearing girls recording me on their phones!)

Anyway, our hosts Herman and Norma are fantastic!! They are very friendly and go out of their way to look after us.  They cook us food every night, and let me say, the food here is AMAZING!! It tastes nothing like it does at home which was expected.  From fish curries, to chick pea curries to funny tasting chicken curries (which turned out to be blue cheese).  

There is another volunteer staying here as well called Daniel.  He is working at a school here, 'Cottelengo'.  He has been travelling around the world for the past 6 months and has some very cool stories.

We started working in Raksha school yesterday, starting off in the vocational unit with people ranging from ages 18 - 22.  They do different carpentary, bag making, candle making and sowing.  The kids are amazing and some can speak good english.  They have taught us some Malayalam in return which should prove valuable.  

The disabilities there range from autism and Down's Syndrome, to those who are wheelchair bound and have Cerebal Palsy.  There are also a few kids there with severe problems which I have never seen before.  

There has been loads of things to talk about at the school, but maybe I will say more tomorrow when I have the time.  Tomorrow I start looking after a severely autistic child one on one.  I'll fill you in on that later.  Rachel is lucky, she has already started teaching some of the more capable guys English .  She seems to be really enjoying herself. 

I'll finish off here and leave you with one random sight we saw today. 

The goats in India walk around and then, (to put it nicely), orally pleasure themselves....yes,... weird....

All the best from India,
Warren and Rachel

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